About our gallery

Hoga Art Museum is a private gallery located in Yakuno, a small town in the country side of northern Kyoto.

The gallery displays mainly the artwork of Shizuhiko Hogafuchi, a Japanese artist who has been awarded by Shinseiki Art show and many others.

We built this gallery mainly by hand, with the help of many friends and the local carpenters, wishing this place to become a community for people who love art and nature.

夜久野Hoga Art Museum

We enjoy the country life plowing the field, building houses and at the same time create artwork and meet many new people.

We hope this website can inspire you with country lifestyle and creativity.

Although sometimes it snows like crazy, Yakuno is a peaceful, nature rich town famous with its beautiful starlit sky.

If you decided to come to northern Kyoto, come to visit us too.

*Note:We do not open every day. Please let us know beforehand if you are visiting.