Where is Yakuno?

Yakuno is a small peaceful town in the north side of Kyoto.

We were enthralled by with this beautiful view and decided to open a gallery here.

Takeda Castle – “Japan’s Machu Picchu”

Yakuno is about 20 minutes drive from the Takeda castle, recently re-recognized with its mysterious view of a ruined castle above the sea of clouds.
Those whimsical dense morning fog can be seen in Yakuno too in the early morning throughout autumn to spring.

Asago City website – Takeda Castle (Japanese)

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“Home of “The Galaxy Express 999″ – an anime story”

Leiji Matsumoto, the author of “The Galaxy Express 999” was inspired by a book called “A journey of the great universe” when he was young.
This book was written by an astronomer Toshima Araki when he was living here in Yakuno.

We can enjoy beautiful starry sky here not visible in the big cities.

Kyoto Fukuchiyama Yakuno Information websiteNaruhodo the Yakuno (Japanese)

Yakuno Onsen

A spacious onsen with an open air bath, sauna and jacuzzi. Accommodation and a restaurant close by.
Yakuno Kogen Onsen (Japanese)

Yakuno Begonia garden

A small garden where you can enjoy all kinds of begonia flowers.

Yakuno Begonia garden (Japanese)

Yakuno fossil and local museum