Yakuno Basalt(Genbugan) Park

The other day, we visited Yakuno Basalt(Genbugan) Park located in northern Kyoto prefecture.

These even, column-like rock surface was created several hundred thousand years ago by Takara Mountain, the only volcanic mountain in Kyoto area.



The hexagonal rocks surround the late, giving the impression of smaller version the Giant’s Causeway.


To think about it, several hundred thousand years ago there were no trees nor lake or anything but a vast land of burning magma and lavas.


I could use some paints and a sketchbook.

Some rocks around here are said to be attracted to magnets.

Soil and rocks contain minerals such as magnetite, which loses its magnetism at certain temperature. On the contrary, it is magnetized when cooled.

So, when the magma cools down, they are magnetized by the earth’s geomagnetic field and becomes like a giant magnet itself.

The piece of this basalt too has N pole and S pole and it point to south and north when hanged by a rope or floated on water.
But they are not strong enough to damage a compass.

For example, portrayals of Fuji Mountain’s Aokigahara where navigational compasses go haywire are said to be false.