We saw a bee swarm today

On a sunny spring day, we saw a strange bag-like object hanging from a tree near our gallery entrance.


It is moving…


Yes, this is a bunch of bees, called swarm.


It may seem creepy, but these bees are unlikely to be aggressive and sting anyone unless you attack them.

When a bee colony has a new queen, the old queen will leave the hive with about one-half of the bees.
The queen and the bees rest on nearby object foaming this bee swarm, while scout bees fly around to try to find a new home.

Scout bees try various places, mostly cool shaded places sheltered from wind and rain.

It is so interesting how scout bees come to a conclusion, sometimes takes couple of hours and sometimes days.


In about 20 minutes, they started to fly away in unison like a wind-blown cloth.