Hand-made Gallery Guesthouse

This is our hand made guesthouse.

BBQ and sunbathing on the wood deck on a sunny day will be nice, don’t you think?


A rocking chair can fit here perfectly. I would sit there, smoke a pipe.

Oh! and a big Alaskan Malamute at my feet…how nice.

Just daydreaming.



The side looks like this.


My friend gave me this nice lamp.


It looks that the light that comes through the leaves are dancing.

We have a name for this particular light in Japanese: “Komorebi.”
“Ko” is another pronunciation for tree (usually its “Ki”) “more” is the noun for leaking out, amd “Bi” is another way to pronounce the sun (usually “Hi”.)

So many Birds Chirping and Singing.


If you come around in Yakuno and want to visit our place, please let us know.

We are not open daily. Please let us know before you come.


Our doggy has something to say…


“Alaskan Malamute my butt!”