About children’s art

-Being the member of 25th MOA Children’s art selection board –

We have had some natural disasters this year and we might be feeling anxious about our feature.
But we always must dispel anxiety and rise above a problem.

I think the answers for how to conquer a problem can be found in art.
Because watching something, feeling them, and dreaming of something will make you take an action.
Art has a power to motivate you to do something.

Art also can move people, and sometimes make you wanna take hand in hand with others.
That’s why I love art, and hope you find it interesting, too.

This year we saw various children’s arts.
Some had skills like that of an adult, some are very detailed, some had childlike charm, some has themes bigger than their summer vacations.

Well, judging children’s art is in some part more difficult than judging adult’s.
Because there seems to be no good or bad in children’s sensible art.
But we have to choose someone.
Considering various expressions, we chose the ones which shows the kid’s vivid perspectives.

For example, a painting about a squid fishing boat had a vivid presence of the scene and it showed us the painter’s surprise to see a live squid probably for the first time.

Crayfishes moving about, spontaneously deformed eels swimming out from a rock caves to almost infinity.
A painting titled “A centipede” told us how the painter loves these bugs from its painted messy mass of bugs and his or her soiled dirty hands.


Those children’s “straight to the point” arts tells us many things.
If there is a point, you can paint anything. A hand growing out from a face, or a red beetle, anything is good.

I want kids to have free ideas and break out of their shell.
If you are a kind of person who thinks “Why this painting has been chosen?”
Empty your thoughts, turn around and back to your own paintings and others. You might see something new there.

If you were not chosen, please don’t mind that and try your own way.