Kawanishi City Music and Lantern Festival

A festival called Kawanishi Oto Akari was held in Kawanishi City, Hyogo on last Saturday November 11, 2017.

There was music, food stands and lots of dimly lit paper lanterns made by volunteer citizens.

The city of Kawanishi stretches long in the north and south, so that people rarely get together and there are less occasions for citizens to feel love for their hometown.
This festival aims to create a bond between the city and kids and their families.

Our art class and the kindergarten class participated, too.

First, we marked the ground with chalk and arrange the half cut plastic bottles along the line.

Then we covered those plastic bottles with paper lanterns that children and volunteer people created, and lit them one by one.

People started to gather to see bands rehearsing their play.

More people came when food stand started to open.

Now, all the lanterns are lit up and the festival started.

The lanterns on the left are made by our art class kids.

They might be not as tidy as the ones grown ups made, but are each unique containing the kid’s wishes.

This kid might love Mt. Fuji so much.
The other one might be thinking about his family and maybe a trip they made?

These are made by our kindergarten kids.

They freely draw what they wish.
Vivid colors and dynamic drawings shows beautifully up against the orange light.

Silhouette of many people and lanterns of various hues makes the festival lively.

Stroll through the dim lights gives one a charming and quaint atmosphere.

We’d like to thank the executive committee, volunteers, and kids who participated.